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Subversive. An all female group exhibition 

Cult & Harper Gallery  brings together a broad yet dynamic group of female artists to form the curation Subversive. 13 featured Australian artists have produced work including a range of mediums & disciplines from type base to abstract to illustration to street art and figurative painting. Curator Lisa King (artist) was joined by Georgia Hill, Claire Foxton, Marie Larkin, Ellie Kammer, Olympia Antoniadis, Bohie Palecek, Lusid Art, Kellie Orr, Kate Gagliardi, Lucy Lucy, Rachelle Dusting & Jasmine Ann Dixon. 

Subversive is all about shedding some light onto some prolific female artists within the contemporary, low brow and pop art world, leaving a bright and colourfully loud exhibition with an open narrative to artists 'Subversive'. The show is one that really expresses where female art is at within these movements and the modern world today, exposing the gravitations in which we are in the thick of towards gender equality. A platform for woman to push notions, political views and narratives that have somewhat been censored in the past, rebel against the status quo and rise to be heard.  

Lisa king explains that the show was based on the pure decision to build on the current state of support she has herself in her practise from her fellow female creative comrades. She says 'I feel extremely lucky to have so many female artists, entrepreneurs and curators around me at this point of my career, these woman are a constant reminder as to how powerful and influential we can all be for each other and how we can align and enable ourselves for further growth in gender equality and powerful expression in our work. It was important for me to harness this energy / notions and replicate as much as possible into the hang.  

The show will run through the whole of June, finishing up July 1. Gallery hours are Wed-Sat 10-5 and by appointment. For further information please contact Lisa King at



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'Julia Townsend'


The main thing wrong with painting is that it is a rectangular plane placed flat against a wall. A rectangle is a shape itself: it is obviously the whole shape; it determines and limits arrangement of whatever is on or in it". - Donald Judd